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B/W, 35mm, 93 min


A group of criminals, fleeing a gun possession charge, take over a farm in rural Appalachia and attempt to secede from the United States.

The Mutineer (2017)
Day of the Heist (2013)

B/W, 35mm, 18 min


An old group of friends plans and attempts a bank heist on a small Appalachian town.

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The Mutineer

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The West







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John grew up in Albany, New York. He moved across the country twice (to Washington and then to Pennsylvania), starting to make short films at an early age. He studied philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, taking up photography as a hobby. After graduating, he traveled extensively across the United States and performed odd jobs to fund his short films, the last of which was Day of the Heist (2013).  He followed this up with his first feature film, The Mutineer (2017). Most recently, he attended Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School in Munich, Germany, accepted by submitting a clip from The Mutineer.